20th century of china

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Civil War in China during 20th Century Commencing of Conflicts in China The Civil War in China saw the country experience the biggest unrest during the 20th century resulted in remarkable contributions both economically and politically to the Chinese government. Moreover, the Chinese Civil War led to a huge division in China in what is known as the two Chinas (Mainland China and Taiwan). Forces that were battling in China deteriorated the situation because they never believed in dialogue which could have brought the war to the end. This paper will discuss how the wrangles between the two groups resulted in a massacre, mass eviction, and most importantly the broad division in China; that was united before the war. This division and hostility still exist today between the two Chinas. As a country, China faced myriad challenges that were mainly triggered by political unrest in the 20th century. The Chinese Civil War took long to end after commencing in April 1927. Conflicts between Chinese Nationalists and Chinese Communists led to the war outbreak. During this period, the Kuomintang (KMT) party was a known force that was very loyal to the ruling government. The KMT loyalty is seen through war engagement with the Communist Party of China (CPC). The CPC strongly opposed government ideologies which intimidated the KMT leading to war in China. The Civil war in China continued intermittently until 1937 where the two parties, CPC and KMT, united to create the Second United Front that aimed at opposing inversion by the Japanese. Later on, in 1946, the civil war was recommenced immediately after battling the Japanese. This fight was

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