2008 Mumbai attack, Laskar-e-Tabia, and Pakistani ISI

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2008 MUMBAI ATTACK Name: Class: Date: Introduction In the year 2008, there happened to be a bombing attack in Mumbai that came with much destruction. It was not the first neither was it the last of such attacks. There have been various attacks of the same in the world over especially in the recent times following an escalation of terrorist groups. There was a linkage of the Mumbai attack to the Laskar-e-Tabla by the police. In this paper, there is an in-depth discussion of the 2008 Mumbai attacks and the connection of the same to the Lashkar-e-Taiba group. There is also an analysis of the possible aid that LeT may have received from Pakistan intelligence, (ISI), both before and after the attack. The attack The attack in Mumbai in 2008 was not a single bombing. There was involvement of a series of bombings and shootings. The attack was the work of Lashkar-e-Taiba, an Islamic militant group with its basis in Pakistan, which organized for the shootings and bombings. In total, there was a coordination of 12 series of shootings and bombings. The unleashing of the attacks took place for four days following the complications of the executions. The attacks began on the 26th day of November and went on until 29th of November. By the end of the attacks, there happened to be 164 casualties as well as over 300 wounded individuals. “Following the grievance of the assault, there was a worldwide condemnation of the Mumbai attacks.” There was much concentration of the attacks in the southern part of Mumbai whereby; there happened eight of the twelve attacks. There happened to be a quick response from the police whereby; by the 28th day of November, there had been

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