-2 Final Project One Milestone Two: Profile of a Successful Company

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Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission Profile of a successful company Mission and Vision SAS is a successful company that specializes in the development of analytics software. The company has a reputation for its high quality and unique products which have gained popularity all over the world. SAS current CEO Jim Goodnight is a visionary leader who knows how to communicate its vision and mission for the organization. He shows excitement when introducing new products to customers. He constantly communicates his visions to employees and therefore this motivates them at all levels and made them produce revolutionary products as well as services. Jim’s vision is converted into reality, and this shows how the company values communication. The communication pattern of Jim Goodnight is very consistent since he provides direction to employees showing them the journey that they need to follow. Strategic Management Plan SAS’s management has played a critical role in assisting the company to execute its strategic management plan. The management assists in writing a plan on how this company’s strategies can be implemented. In other words, it develops a grand strategy including purpose and direction. The management also has a role in ensuring that employees understand their roles in the strategic management plan so that it can be successful (Abdullaev 95). The management also monitors and controls the plan so that it goes as planned. The management also allocates the necessary resources so as to ensure that everything is available for the execution of the strategic management plan. The management ensures that the plan has

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