13th and 14th centuries

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Student Professor Course Date Rise of the Carolingians Although Charles Martel decided not to be crowned the king; as Pepin III who was his son would have done or take the title Emperor which his grandson Charlemagne. He can be seen as the unchallenged ruler of all of continental Western Europe which is north of Pyrenees. The only lasting Saxon kingdoms which he conquered partly; the Marca Hispanic and Lombardy were very important kingdoms after his demise. Martel also founded all the merit and feudal systems which defined the Carolingian kingdom, and all of Europe generally throughout the middle ages, however, his sons and grandsons took acclaim for his modernizations. Moreover, Martel defended his Christian Europe against the invading Muslim arm which was referred as the conflict of the tour in the year 732. The Iberian Saracens had combined with Berber lighthouse the powerful Arab brigade to form a powerful army which had a track record of winning wars. The Christian army troops lack the authoritative instrument of the stirrup; this earned Charles surname. The historian of Rome Edwin Gibbon later referred to him as the paramount princes of his age. Pepin III, his son; acknowledged the recommendation of the monarch by Pope Zachary, this was about the year 751. Charlemagne governing began in 768 after the death of Pepin. He went forward to govern after his brother Carloman passed on, as his two brothers both took control of their father's empire. Charlemagne was then elevated to be the Roman king in 800. The contributions of Charlemagne Charlemagne in everywhere his rule was established, he contributed immensely to the people by setting up reforms, hence

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