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Conflicting Items Student’s Name Institution Subject Professor’s Name Date Conflicting Items Conflict is some form of discord, disagreement, and friction occurring within a group. Conflict occurs when actions or beliefs of one member or group are resisted by another member or group. I have severally experienced conflict and tried to bring peace in some as described below. 1. Sharing There was a conflict with my friend when sharing contribution. The friend wanted us to share the benefits equally though I had the largest stake in it. I brought peace after suggesting that we share according to the ratio of contribution. 2. Decision making I had an intrapersonal conflict when choosing my career course. I was torn between Psychology and Business. I brought peace after thorough research and settled on Psychology after weighing the costs and benefits. 3. Task balance I have had conflict more than once with my parents concerning domestic chores and watching movies. Peace was brought once I decided first to prioritise domestic chores and use leisure time for movies. 4. Leadership There always conflict when choosing group leader during class discussion. Peace was brought once I decided that leadership will be done on a rotational basis. 5. Game supports I used to support a football club different to that of my friend. There was always conflict after one of the team beats the other. Peace was brought after I decided to support Rugby games. 6. Time management Nearly two years ago I was unable to manage time and meet the deadline with my school work. I brought peace once I learnt time management skills. 7. Payback I once lent my friend

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