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Name Instructor Course Date Economic issues related to Canadian Immigration Policy The current immigration policy suffers a risk of failure to prioritize economic needs since the federal government has no justification even amidst increased aging and retiring persons. According to the justification by the federal government, the large level of immigration is vital for the economic growth and possible replacement of outgoing workers (Collacott, 5). Based on the research, the economic growth is in a limited way affected by the population and immigration increases unless it is overwhelming enough to reduce aging workers. There is the likelihood of increased immigration cost as the economic performance of immigrants has been falling. Grant, Hugh and Arthur Sweetman. "Introduction to Economic and Urban Issues in Canadian Immigration Policy." Canadian Journal of Urban Research, vol. 13, no. 1, Summer2004, pp. 1-24. The purpose of this article is to examine variously available research literature that has gone deep to look at the impacts the Canadian immigration has had on the economics of the cities in Canada. The article is important as it focuses on the recent immigration issues and the policy which is at the center of attention. The paper examines various aspects of the economy including outcomes of the declining labor market and changes in the business cycle (Grant, Hugh and Arthur, pg. 2). Also in a broad examination, the paper looks at the general implications the immigration policy has on the economy of Canada. It is relevant in determining the whether the immigration policy addresses the economic needs of the country. Anwar, Arif. "Canadian Immigration

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