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Critical Thinking Name of Student Name of Institution Critical Thinking In her research article entitled “In-group Experts and Peers as Social Vaccines Who Inoculate the Self Concept: The Stereotype Inoculation Model”, Nilanjana Dasgupta (2011) posits that women and minorities would succeed better in disciplines in which they are few in number. Often, having been exposed to other in-group members within those disciplines, they managed to interact and share requisite ideas. Specifically, in-group members would not project those subtle cues that are accentuated by majority-group members. It is these approaches that cause them to feel rejected and out of place. By “in-group”, the author is referring to disenfranchised groups apropos of ethnicity, gender and religion, among others. There is a discussion of the main crux of Dasgupta article, its arguments, as well as a commentary response to the article. Whether a fair assessment of their work environment or not, women and minorities “. . . behavior and choices are driven by the need to belong and be accepted by others within a community of peers, coworkers and fellow co ethnics, among others (Baummeister & Leary, 1995; MacDonald & Leary, 2005). As such, the absence of feeling a sense of belonging can adversely affect women and minorities. When their professional mobility is impacted negatively, it causes them to feel like tokens; specifically exhibiting the imposter phenomenon (Dasgupta, 2011). Dasgupta cites examples of African American students in predominantly White universities. Despite being on-par with their White counterparts academically, they harbor feelings of unworthiness and

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