Essay: Comparing Horatian and Juvenalian Works

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Name Professor’s Name Course Comparison of Horatian and Juvenalian Satire refers to the art of lessening a subject to the extent that it makes the subject ridiculous leading to induction of amusement, scorn as well as indignation attitudes towards the subject. In particular, Horatian satire depicts a voice which is permissive containing amusement, witty and tolerant voice. The author introduces ridicules which are gentle, follies, and the irrationalities of persons, with the aim of creating a wiry smile in the mind of the reader but the anger of the Juvenal is not produced. Juvenalian satire refers to a satire which is formal whereby the speaker is attacking the vice with anger. Juvenile satire indicates a strong contrast in regarding its harshness as compared to Horatian satire. Reality contempt. Juvenalian satire is different from Horatian satire in that the Juvenile satire uses strong harshness. The Juvenalian satire was instituted by Romanian satirist Juvenal. Satire is divided into two parts which are Horatian and Juvenalian satires. Whereby Horatian satire emphases entirely on a mild tone whereby the victim is ridiculed by the writer in a funny manner. Contrarily, the aim of Juvenalian satire is to attack some groups of people or ideas. Juvenile satire contains a stronger and sharper tone in comparison to Horatian satire. Precisely, Horatian satire emphasizes more on laughter, but on the other hand, the Juvenalian satire criticizes severely with the sharp attack. An example is where Voltaire's Candide uses the Horatian satire in attacking authoritarian sets together with political organizations, as it swiftly

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