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Name Instructor Course Date Epidemiology Epidemiology surveillance is essential for public health as the activity to support emergency responses. During an emergency response, medical or scientist researchers use epidemiology to understand the needs of affected individuals. The study involves identifying the nature and exposure of a disease so that to inform the control activities. Diseases surveillance methods play a significant role in providing a guide to processes such as medication, vaccinations or intervention as diagnostic procedures to respond to an epidemic of bioterrorism (Hodge 1176). Epidemiological methods are integrated for illness surveillance to assess which hazards are most critical and to incorporate the study to identify the appropriate clinical controls mechanisms. The topic is vital to public health since it is considered to be the basis of science, skills, and conventions focused on preventing or improving population health (Hodge 1179). Epidemiology topic is a scientific discipline that has foundations of scientific inquiry based on events occurring in public such as morbidity and mortality. To know causes of health-related issues to people, and to determine personal characteristics like age, race, sex or marital status, epidemiology approaches are used. I chose this topic since it is one of the essential scientific principle involved when dealing with diseases in a population of human or animals. When I look at this study, I get to understand how it helps answer questions on how, why and where some illnesses occur. For example, the discovery of a connection between smoking cigarette and lung cancer was based on cancer rates in

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