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PROJECT PROPOSAL Name: Course: Date: Project Proposal Project Topic: Introducing Carbon taxes as a way of Reducing Global Warming and its Impacts on Global Climatic Patterns Environmental Problem Carbon (IV) oxide is the primary cause of global warming. It is one of several trappers heats or greenhouse gases (GHGs), as a byproduct of human activity. Research indicates that greenhouse gases produced by human activity are the principal contributors of global warming where CO2 is the most important of them all. On a global scale, twenty-seven billion tons of Carbon (IV) oxide is emitted annually by human activity. The effects of CO2 in the atmosphere are apparent as the sea levels continue to rise, the melting of Arctic and Antarctic glaciers and climate change. Point of Policy Focus As one of the available policies, Carbon taxes prevent a viable approach for global governments towards reducing GHG emission. Hypothetically, Carbon taxes are a cost-effective approach towards reducing the emission of greenhouse gas including C02. Additionally, these taxes can be a regressive in nature, such that they may indirectly or directly impact low-income persons. The regressive effect of a carbon tax can, however, be neutralized by incorporating tax revenues to level the ground for low-income entities. A few countries have adopted the system carbon taxing or a related approach to address the problem of pollution. If the whole world can be convinced of the effectiveness of this approach, a significant stride can be made towards containing the impacts of global warming. Annotated bibliography Weitzman, Martin L. "Can negotiate a uniform carbon price help to internalize the

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