Environement Analysis (Walmart)

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Walmart SWOT Analysis Name Institutional affiliation Introduction SWOT analysis gives an understanding of the internal and the external environmental forces significant in the life of any organization. It provides an insight of where the business has been and where it is likely heading. Majorly the success of an organization would depend on exploiting most of its opportunities while taking advantage of its strengths in the process of evading threats and minimizing its weaknesses. The SWOT analysis of Walmart would entail looking at the numerous strengths and opportunities then comparing them with its weaknesses and threats that are facing the organization. Therefore, to get the SWOT analysis of Walmart well, it is essential to understand the analysis from a perspective that is the internal and external environment. (Robinson, 2009) To begin with the internal environment, it entails the strengths and weaknesses of Walmart. The strengths of Walmart are those characteristics it contains within itself that makes it more competitive as compared to other similar organizations in the same industry. The strengths of Walmart are as follows; first is that it has a global field, whereby it is known for its organizational size. Walmart is known for its size regarding its scope it is a multi-continental business. Where it has spread its branches in many countries that have excellent economic stability, therefore, it is stable. The second strength is on the global supply chain; this is from its widespread. It makes it more competitive since it has a vast market. It obtains its commodities from a broader scope as it has branches worldwide. The third strength is on the

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