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Your name Teacher’s name Class Date Environmental plan for a pesticide manufacturing company Scenario: the following environmental impact assessment paper describes the events at an agrochemical manufacturing company. This plan details the activities in the company have potentially environmentally damaging aspects. The aim of the article is to identify potential environmental impacts of these activities and plan for prevention and mitigations. Activity Environment aspect Environment impact Likelihood Severity Importance for the organization Water disposal Possible Water pollution Possible soil pollution Death of biodiversity The results could be severe damage to habitats affecting biodiversity. Hot water that is drained into river systems changes the environment making is difficult for aquatic animals to survive. These animals either die or migrate into other areas. Apart from temperatures, water from manufacturing units changes the chemical components of the water such as ph. This kills the aquatic life including plants that could be food for the animals. The lack of food consequently leads to the death of animals of migration. Water disposal on terrestrial areas has the same impact on crops. In many cases, the areas undergo such vast chemical changes that nothing will grow there for years. Water disposal from the industries has a high concentration of heavy metals. Lead, mercury, and other heavy metals can be absorbed by plants that are grown in proximity to river banks. The food then become health hazards to human beings as most of them are carcinogenic and have long term life threatening characteristics. Water disposal also comes from the

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