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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: ENTERTAINMENT AND UTOPIA Richard Dyer is an academic professor for film studies and also a critic. He viewed entertainment from a new perspective that had not been previously considered; that nowadays, it’s not only for fun and amusement but broad and coordinated ventures with different specific targets and goals. Where the outcome is determined by the actors or performers, the audience and relatively the intentions or the impressions the film hoping was to divulge. He highlights that despite the conservativeness that is publicly portrayed by the entertainment industry, there are many struggles within it by its stakeholders, in the definition of what entertainment is supposed to be (Nichols, 222). This is illustrated by the volatile nature of what entertainment is produced because, the audience are not given what they want but what will interest them, this is achieved by the continuous innovation and creativity of the producers and the actors. Dyer in his article about entertainment and utopia lists the historical needs and the corresponding utopian solutions. Shows are used in escaping the day to day problems by immersing the audience in a planned utopian illusion of better and perfect lives that are free from complexities and contradictions. They help the audience in a way to believe and hope for better things in future despite the harsh and unforthcoming real life situations. He highlights five social inadequacies namely; Scarcity, exhaustion, dreariness, manipulation and fragmentation that are all addressed by the following utopian illusions; Abundance, energy, intensity, transparency and community

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