Emotional Intelligence : An important competency to screen and assess performance of Managers

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Module 5 Professional Development Assignment Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: CHAPTER 3 METHODOLOGY Design and Methodology Literature Search The research method design for this study was the use of the literature review. According to (Lo-Biondo, Wood & Haber, 1998) Literature review is a critical step in both the qualitative and the quantitative research. It helps identify a problem and determine the strength and weakness of the research design through a critical analysis of the theoretical findings of multiple sources. The qualitative review as a research method further helps in interpreting results of the study conducted. Twenty-nine relevant studies published from the year 2010 were identified using PubMed Central, Proquest, Google Scholar, Elsevier online scholarly databases. The following keywords were used in the search ‘’emotional intelligence’’, ‘’emotional quotient test’’, and ‘’leadership’’. Surveys were mailed to twenty clinical managers, medical supervisors, and other clinical staff personnel in The Polyclinic Healthcare Organization. Data collection was obtained by administering a questionnaire consisting of three questions. In addition, a question on suggestive improvement on the research was also obtained. Survey Questions Do you agree emotional intelligence is an important benchmark for assessing and evaluating manager's competency? How likely will you utilize the Emotional Assessment tool as a screening tool for Manager Candidates? How can emotional intelligence help clinical staff and practitioners to be more effective? How can EI help improve an organization’s overall performance and

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