Emergency Preparedness Drill

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Name Instructor Course Date Emergency Preparedness Drill Abstract Floods are the natural phenomena that result in catastrophic effects such as loss of property, displacement, injury, and to excellent extent death. Across the world, more so in the United States of America, floods are frequent and most catastrophic whenever they occur. Some of the leading causes of floods involve the rivers raising above the normal level, accumulated rain and some cases the failure of the dams. Due to the severe catastrophic effects of the floods, it is essential that appropriate measures put in place to handle the situation whenever the floods occur. The effectiveness of the measures ranges right from the initial response, the incident management, resource demobilization, restoration, and recovery. This essay examines these measures in detail and relates to their usage in the flood incident in the city of Mertzville. The essay thoroughly examines the role played by the different stakeholders in charge of the emergencies issues both from the public and private agencies. Keywords: mitigation, recovery, management, floods, resources, equipment, agencies, etc. Introduction Across the world, floods are common and catastrophic mainly caused by the rivers raising above the average level, accumulated rain and some cases the failure of the dams. Due to their serious catastrophic effects, measures need to be put in place to hand the floods whenever they occur. The essay examines these measures ranging from the initial response immediately the floods occur to save lives and protect property, to incident management, restoration, and recovery. Therefore, the effectiveness and efficiency of

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