Ellen G White

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ELLEN WHITE AND THE ADVENTIST HEALTH, FOOD AND DIET MESSAGE Name Class Date of Submission Ellen Gould White was an American author and founder of the Adventist church. The Adventists use the teachings of Ellen White in their daily activities. The messages revealed to her in the form of prophetic words. She has spoken on various issues in life, which include Holy Spirit, mode of dressing, diet, and other controversial topics in the Christian faith. Her teachings are as per the current Christian lives and are based on the Biblical teachings. Ellen’s instructions are regarded divine and referred to as the lesser light because the Bible is taken as to be the higher light. Her lessons are part of the 27 fundamental beliefs of the Adventist Church. In December 1871, Ellen received a revelation on diet and foods. The message was meant to help the Christians get a better understanding of what God required of them regarding the nutrition and their health. She explained that the word on the diet and foods was very much in connection with the third angel’s message and compared it to the relationship between the body and the hand. It was supposed to symbolize the importance of the topic on Christians. Therefore, it was impossible to talk about the third angel’s message without talking about the issues of diet and health. Ellen teaches that the fall of humankind as recorded in Genesis was due to insatiable appetite by Adam and Eve that made them give into Satan’s temptations to eat the forbidden fruit. Therefore, Christians are made aware of the voracious appetite which is part of humankind but which must always be overcome through sacrifice and self-denial. The Christians

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