Ellen G. White / Adventist Theologian/ Prophet

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ELLEN WHITE’S HEALTH MESSAGE Name Class Information Professor’s name Date ELLEN G. WHITE’S HEALTH MESSAGE The lifespan and health benefits among the Seventh-day Adventists Church can be traced to their lifestyle and eating habits. From the 1800s, the Seventh-day Adventists have been using some eight-health secrets that have decreased their chances of suffering from early death threatening diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. The Seventh-day Adventists enjoy a longer life and better health compared to the general population. These benefits are not because of science but from a woman called Ellen G. White. Mrs. White told people that it was not God’s desire for human beings to suffer from unnecessary diseases and death. Also, God inspired her to describe to human beings different methods they could use to enjoy and live in maximum wellness. The primary focus of writing this paper is to discuss Ellen G. White Health Message. Ellen White health reformer role began in 1863. The church had held two weeks unifying General Conference among their scattered church. It was on 6 June 1863, Friday evening at the start of the Sabbath where she and her family had gone to Brother A. Hilliard house at Otsego in Michigan. She was asked during the family worship to lead others in prayer. As she was praying, she went to where her husband was kneeling and laid her hands on his shoulder. As she prayed, she received a vision from God that lasted for approximately forty-five minutes concerning the church and her husband physical welfare that was deteriorating. Also, God revealed to her that there was a relationship between spiritual health and physical well-being. She

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