Efficiency and Equity in the Transition to a New Natural Gas Market

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Name Professor’s name Unit Date Article review Summary Gorak and Ray’s article discusses the changes that have occurred regarding laws governing natural gas. The variations in the law enabled local distributors to be in positions to purchase natural gas rather than when the purchase was mainly for interstate pipeline companies. The directive has led to reduced costs of natural gas. The laws have restructured the pipeline business to concentrate on transportation solely. Research has it that in the United States, natural gas constitutes a quarter of its energy use. Further, there is expected to be a rise in the consumption of natural gas in the US since it will have multiple uses such as power generation and acting as fuel for vehicles. Natural gas is an important resource in the US since it is produced locally, but its economic advantages have been shadowed by the rules and regulations put in place. Therefore, Gorak and Ray’s article aim at indicating the importance of law reforms with relation to natural gas in the United States. The authors use graphs and tables to present their research findings thereby making their work stand out. Tables and graphs are easy to interpret hence making it easier for readers to tell what is happening. One impressive table is one that shows natural gas prices for six months starting from November to April. The table shows different gas prices for the six months spanning for five years. Further, the table shows the various prices for residential, commercial and industrial sectors in the United States. Therefore, Gorak and Ray carried extensive research to establish variation in natural gas prices depending on the nature of

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