Effects of Advertising Presentation

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Effects of Advertising on Consumerism Name: Institutional affiliation: Effects of Advertising on Consumerism The primary purpose of advertisements is to target consumers. Advertising has a mental effect on the customers and consumers of a particular product. Causing a brand awareness to consumers has the effect of affecting the consumers' behaviors. Hence, you find that even if the product were not of the highest quality, it would still be sold. Urging someone with images, videos and songs from the media shape their decisions on specific products, (Solomon et al., 2014). There are stages of advertisements conducted on products. The first stage is creating awareness. From here, knowledge is increased through more advertisements. More descriptions and advertisements cause more effects on the customers. We also have reminders, promotions, and loyalties to win the hearts of the customers. From the human psychology, people become fond of the things that they see more often. This builds a certain feeling and a culture of using the product. Ethical standards of advertising are determined by the “American Association of Advertising Agencies” which is a board regulating the contents of the advertisements to be channeled to the respective consumers. Adverting has caused more consumerism culture in America, (Solomon et al., 2014). Basic techniques for consumer advertising are repetitions, claims, association, and bandwagon. Repetitions remind the consumer now and then about the product. Claims make some unknown things known to the consumers. Associations lead to cooperation with the consumers and reach out programs, which in turn influence consumerism. A bandwagon leads

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