Effect on Gun Regulation

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Effect on Gun Regulation on school Related Crimes Student Institution Introduction For the past few years, there have been several death tolls reported which result from shootings in schools. A good example is the recent Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings. In this case, over seventeen students lost their lives with several injuries being reported (Cukier, 2008). This event other related one has raised serious national debates on the role of the gun regulation policies in curbing such crimes. In the US, the history of gun regulation has undergone several transformations. People have been allowed to own licensed firearms which are supposed to be used for protection. However, some people have been found to misuse such arms by endangering innocent lives. The gun control policy has been reported to be one of the challenges affected crime among the youths (Kleck, 2009). With the exposure of such firearms, there has been a reported rise in the misuse of guns, especially on the unarmed masses like schools. Outline In this study, the gun control policy is reviewed and its contribution to school shootings. The paper starts with a brief examination of some of the recent reports from school shootings. Using such examples, some of the dangers of the gun regulation policies shall be highlighted concerning the school contexts. Also, the study will gather data from government security agencies on the reports concerning exposure of guns to the school going age. On the same note, the effectiveness of this policies and control mechanisms are reviewed (Duggan, 2001). This will provide a basis for an argument to show whether the shootings can be reduced by allowing

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