Education Among the Canadian Aboriginals

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Education Among the Canadian Aboriginals Student’s name Institution Education Among the Canadian Aboriginals Introduction Education is a fundamental need for all people and all nations. It has the power to influence and transform the lives of people, communities, countries, and the world as a whole. Some people have attributed education to the “key of life” while others have related to “power.” Irrespective of individual or group perspectives, it is undeniable that education is a crucial human want. Many governments recognize and have documented that denial of education to a people is equal to breaching their fundamental human rights. As such, there have been continuous and sustained researches and evaluation of education qualities for various groups of people. The Aboriginals (Inuit, Metis, and First Nations) of Canada are among the communities that have attracted significant attention among human rights advocates and sociologists as well as researchers. The reason for the focus attributes to historical abuses that the people faced in the course of the establishment and development of the Canadian nation. Education is one of the areas used by past regimes to abuse the rights of the Aboriginals. Education is among the various items that the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions defined as requiring action to administer justice and reassure the Aboriginals after years of discrimination and maltreatment. Understanding the nature of the abuses and the efforts made to encourage the Aboriginals requires extensive analysis of the progress of their education. The Past Issues in Aboriginal Education The education for the aboriginal people in Canada has

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