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Interviewing Techniques Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Interviewing Techniques Interviewing is an essential method of data collection. However, if the researcher does not use the right techniques, he or she will not collect adequate, relevant data to answer the research questions. There are notable problems with the manner in which Dr. D interviews Amber as on the excerpt. Creating and sustaining a rapport with their interviewee is crucial for their cooperation (Leedy & Ormrod, 2015). However, Dr. D fails to maintain the rapport with Amber by starting off as judgemental. He already assumes that cocktail waitressing has a bad reputation without considering Amber’s feelings as a cocktail waitress. As the first mistake in the except, the client will have a negative attitude towards Dr. D’s lack of respect for her work and thus not effectively participate. Additionally, the interview should not put words in the interviewee’s mouth. The strategy would allow the individual to provide information as per their opinion and thus aid in obtaining relevant data (Leedy & Ormrod, 2015). Dr. D makes a mistake by saying that men give Amber problems while working as a cocktail waitress. The question limits her to talk about the challenges she faces from the male clients. Instead, Dr. D should have asked her to speak about some of the difficulties she faces at work. As a result, she would provide more information that could build on the study. In conclusion, Dr. D fails to keep his reactions to himself. He automatically assumes that it is a bad experience working as a cocktail waitress. Furthermore, he feels that the as a female working at the bar, one

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