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Name Instructor Course Date Editorial Response Journal Human Cloning and stem cell research are issues that have had different responses since their invention. The former refers to a scientific process that focuses on creating a genetically identical version of a human being. The research that aims at using the idea of human cell differentiation in creating cells that can be used for the treatment of chronic diseases goes by the name, stem cell research. Although many public institutions are against human cloning, no bill has been passed to support their opinions ( Panicola et al. 199). The same is happening with stem cell research. There are a lot of differences when it comes to the political and ethical view of these issues. This research entails the destruction of human embryos, which has brought many questions regarding the morality of the act. Can a fertilized egg be regarded as a live human? In his support for this scientific research, Senator Hatch argued that an embryo that has been frozen in a clinic's refrigerator is not the same as the one developing in a mother's womb (Panicola et al. 200). Many politicians who support the issue have used similar reasoning to defend their opinions, which leads to an ethical controversy. Earlier ESC research did not receive any federal funding. However, it was allowed in 2001 by President Bush’s administration under some proposed guidelines which would see researchers use already developed cell lines in their research. President Obama's administration, later in 2009, overturned the existing guidelines and ordered for development of new ones (Panicola et al. 202). These research projects are all geared towards

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