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Name Instructor Course Date Religious Tasks Question 1 According to the video, Catholics believe that Jesus is one of the most powerful and loving priests who was sent by God to bring salvation to Earth. Catholics also believe that God is a Supreme being who is powerful enough to command people and influence them to obey him (Episode 1). Some Catholics go a little overboard and claim that God is a genius. However, most Catholics do not feel the same way about a Jesus, some claiming that he was just a priest who performed extraordinary miracles. Based on the episodes, Catholics urge that one of the main teachings of Jesus is on obtaining forgiveness after sinning. The lessons argue that Jesus was the intermediary between human beings and God (Episode 2). Additionally, another teaching is that although Jesus performed miracles, most of his stories astonished and frightened most, especially Catholics. Other main teachings are based on loving our neighbors, sacrifices, and being selfless to others. Question 2 Based on the Catholic beliefs depicted in the episodes, one of the main beliefs that I have a difficult time with is the fact that the story about Jesus was a bit fictitious. For a religion that believes in God, I think they went overboard to claim that the story about Jesus was probably an illusion. Precisely, a Catholic priest tries to deny the information presented by Luke about Jesus. According to Catholics, some of the stories presented in the Bible about Jesus and God do not add up, and that they only add up a sense of fear instead of appreciation for the Supreme Beings. In my perspective, believing in God and Jesus should go hand in hand, and not

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