Economic issues shape Fashion trends (up to writer’s choice)

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How Economic Factors Impact the Fashion Industry and Trends Name: Institution:      Table of Contents Introduction 3 Recession 3 Inflation 7 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction Recession is the temporary decline or reduction in the trade and industrial activity. Inflation, on the other hand, is the rise in the prices of commodities accompanied by a decrease in the purchasing power. Just like any other industry, fashion undergoes processes such as production, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption. The processes named above intertwine heavily with industrial activity and purchasing of commodities hence the correlation between economy and fashion. Retail marketers are fully aware of the fact that sartorial trends are linked to socioeconomic cycles. The stock market is ever changing; the dollar keeps dropping, and the economy is very close to a recession. This article discusses the impact that the economy has on fashion. Recession Fashion is all about change, hence the constant factor: what comes next. The recurrent in nature of fashion is common knowledge. The subsequent shift in fashion tendencies does not only express the fabric and ensembles. It also potentially shows the change in the social mood and the economy. Though trend analysts try to propagate a different belief, no single person can irrefutably say how the next shift in the economy would look like. The concept of novelty in fashion doesn't necessarily refer to the debut of a trend, but rather its renewal. There are many factors at play in the cycling of fashion: cultural trends, politics, and celebrities. One of the most surprising factors to affect the cycle of fashion is the state of the

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