Economic cost of Terrorism or Security Post 911

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Name Instructor Course Date Economic Cost of Terrorism At a time when thwarted plots and terrorist attacks regularly dictate the news headlines and when an obvious item can be the means of a deadly attack, it is evident that the hazard of terrorism hangs on us than has never before. Currently, security search has become far too common in all places whether public or private. It is the issue at the top of national security’s mission in the US and many other countries across the world. Terrorism has of late been regarded as the primary security challenge of the time. Every state is facing a prospective endemic terrorism within their territories. September 11, 2001, was an attack that falls far from a one-off event and whose aftermath has been a series of economic recession and increased cost of living. This is a situation similar to what many other countries whether developed and developing are experiencing after attacks. Apart from killing and injuring people, these attacks have adverse effects on a country’s economy. The US can argue that the impacts of terrorism are entirely minimal and that the concern is disproportional to the risk that it poses. Comparing the fatalities that have resulted from it to those from conventional battles, road accidents could lead to the claim that terrorism is more than exaggerated. However, it is regarded as the crudest way to face death, and many people fear it. The effects go beyond the death and the destruction that they cause. It impacts on a wider area in that the actual victims are not the only affected, but it leaves greater psychological unrest in the society. The community’s reaction to a single large attack such

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