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Student Professor Course 27th February, 2017 An Analysis of Electrocardiographic and Phonocardiography Recordings in Student Volunteers Introduction Electrocardiogram refers to the graphical representation of electrical potential across the heart. On the other hand, electrocardiography is the instrument with which an electrocardiogram is obtained (Moyer 2012). Since our body is a volume conductor, the electrical potentials generated in the myocardium (cardiac musculature) is reflected across different parts of the body. The electric potentials are recorded from different parts of body with the help of 12-lead system. A lead is a combination of two electrodes that is used to measure electrical potential across two different parts of a body. The 12-lead system that is used to obtain an electrocardiogram of an individual include, three standard leads, three augmented unipolar leads, and six precordial chest leads. An electrocardiogram reflects different waves and intervals. The waves and duration of an ECG represent different myocardial events. Such events are related to the transmission of electrical impulse over the myocardium and the resultant reaction of the myocardium to such impulse. However, the waves of an ECG represent electrical activities in the myocardium. Different types of diagnostic and prognostic features are aligned with the interpretation of electrocardiograms. On the other hand, ECGs significantly differ across healthy and diseased individuals and between athletes and non-athletes (Exeter et al. 2014). The peacemaking activity of the SA (sinoatrial) and AV (atrioventricular) nodes form the physiological basis of an

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