Eating Patterns and Health Concerns of Children

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Eating patterns Name: Institutional Affiliation: Abstract An eating disorder can be a very situation to children. The eating disorders are affected by the eating patterns that a child is used to. For example, the poor eating pattern will automatically lead to eating disorder. Arresting the situation as early as possible will lead to a successful correction. It will also be a good idea to ensure that we are able to remedy a child’s health. Poor eating habits can easily cause ill health to children. When the conditions are too much, it is advisable to seek professional intervention. Some of the situations are psychological as in the case of adolescents and can be taken care of through various steps such as guidance and counseling. Sometimes, medications are provided. Psychological eating conditions such anorexia nervosa are common among adolescent females with unhealthy eating. There are other conditions such as binge eating that lead to obesity and weight problems. If the pattern is too frequent, then a problem arises just as much as it will if the eating pattern is infrequent. Keywords: eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, binge eating Introduction A healthy eating habit is essential for the health of children. Poor eating habits brought about by malnutrition and lack of enough nutrients in the diet contributes to childhood morbidity and sometimes mortalities. It is the joy of every parent to see their children grow up healthily and with fewer visits to the doctor. At least parents can control young children on what they eat. For example, infants and toddlers are fed by their parents and cannot take anything unless given to them by the parents. This becomes

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