early Minnesota railroads

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Student’s Name Instructor Submission Date Early Minnesota Railroads Minnesota maintains its historical significance in railroads developments which date back to the mid and late 19th century. Minnesota is recognized as the entrance to the Pacific Northwest and Chicago with major lines like Great Northern Railway, Northern Pacific Railway, and Milwaukee Road operates through the state. The invention and the following construction of railways was a significant innovation during the era in which it significantly supported and made trade more efficient (Petersen & Olson, 2003). It is, therefore, arguable that railway construction was a significant operation in the mid and late 19th century that topped the majority of government’s agendas not only in Minnesota but also in other states in the United States. This paper provides a historical analytical review on a 1932 journal “Early Minnesota Railroads and the Quest for Settlers” that allows one to understand instances and occurrences surrounding railway building. 1. Era Harold. F. Peterson’s “Early Minnesota Railroads and the Quest for Settlers” journal produced in 1932 is a magazine made during a period that American historians recognize it as “Progressive Era.” Progressive Era practically is the time between 1896 and 1932; therefore, one would argue that 1932 was an end to that period. Overton alleges that this was a period during which the United States experienced growth in nearly all sectors boosting its economic development (52). However, 1932 was also a year that marked the end of World War 1 and saw the onset of the Great Depression that paralyzed operation and saw companies crumble and the

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