dynamic and disruptive innovation

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Dynamic and Disruptive innovation by (Name) Class (Course) Professor (Tutor) School (University) City Date The Dynamic and Disruptive innovation for FutureMed It is apparent that for a company to survive and continue being relevant, it is mandatory that they find new ways of conducting business or new methods of production, or even new products and services. This is where innovation comes into play, as different companies change different aspects of its structure and operations, to make it more marketable or more competitive. FutureMed is an example of a company that deals with radiopharmaceutical products. In the pharmaceutical field as known, it is tough to survive as different aspects can potentially contribute to the failure of the company. For instance, there are strict policies and regulations put in place by governing bodies to make sure that the pharmaceuticals are safe products that are feasible. It is therefore paramount that the company finds innovative strategies that work out best for the company. However, some factors affect innovation, and they include; internal, external, marketing and technological. A. The internal structures that affect the company’s innovative capacity. There are different internal factors in the company that affects its innovative capacity. organizational culture Culture identifies with the qualities and beliefs of the company and how these affect the administration of innovation inside the company. It takes into thought the company's way to deal with cooperation, correspondence, and risk. Organizational culture is intrinsic in the way an organization operates and the values it incites inside its activity. It is

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