Driving and cell phone use

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Driving and Cell Phone Use Name Institution Affiliation Introduction Did you know that most of the accidents that occur on our roads today are as a result of the distractions that are caused by the cell phones that the drivers use while they are driving on the roads? In most cases, you will realize that when an accident occurs, the driver must have been using his/her mobile phone to text someone or involved in the phone call. I know most of us in one way or the other have used vehicles as drivers or as passengers when we or when the driver is using the cell phone when driving ("WHO | Mobile phone use: a growing problem of driver distraction", 2011). Some of the things that we realize are the unnecessary emergency brakes, or some of the bumps and potholes are not noticed by the driver. In some cases the driver might be over speeding without noticing, and also driver might not even hear the alarm from other drivers or even fail to consider the use of the road signs. Body Problems I will begin by looking at the effect of using cell phones when driving. When a driver is texting over the cell phone, it normally results in three different types of distraction to the driver and these include the visual distraction where the driver gets off his/her eyes off the road and concentrate on the screen of the phone as s/he replies the message or while reading the text sent to him/her (Broughan & Burns, 2010). The other distraction is the manual distraction where the driver will withdraw his/her hands from the wheels as s/he replies the text and finally the cognitive distraction where the driver will withdraw his/her mind from the act of driving and concentrate on the

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