Drinking Water and water use

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Drinking water and water use 1. How much water should you drink every day? The amount of water we consume daily depends on the activities people carry out, the climatic conditions, health, and gender. Women should take up to 91 ounces while men 125 ounces daily. The amounts vary with the activities one undertakes and health condition (“Drinking Water Quality: What You Need to Know”). 2. Is tap water safe? As much as people need to consume water every day to have a healthy functioning body, there is the question if the water consumed from taps it contaminated and suitable for human consumption. Public water systems in the country undergo a high level of scrutiny, and the water is always tasted before it is pumped to homes and business consumption. The water flowing through the pipes is susceptible to contamination from bacteria and other metallic compounds. It is impossible to eliminate all the contaminants in the water being supplied by pipes. Therefore, tap water consumed by households is not entirely safe for consumption since there are still contaminants even though they are in small proportions (“Drinking Water Quality: What You Need to Know”). 3 Is bottled drinking water safe? Like tap and well water, there are still chances that bottle water will contain small levels of contaminants despite the high level of scrutiny done on them as claimed by the bottle companies. The body in charge with regulating bottled water that is the FDA, as still unable to monitor the testing programs as the EPA does with the tap water hence chances of water being contaminated during testing is high and thus people

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