dramatic monologue

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Scene: In my scene, I’ll be Text Structures Visual/Audio/Spatial Purpose Script A dramatic monologue from Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth for the character Fleance after his father, Banquo has just been killed (162).Here is the primary turning point in the play. Fleances’ escape is important because it means that Macbeth still has many enemies to reckon with and the witches prophesy about Banquo's’ son to be a king of Scotland could still become true. Language Features Description Purpose [In deep thoughts. Nodding his head in like someone who has realized something. And moving around.] Life is but a walking shadow, a weak player One day you are laughing with someone. The next day they are no more; they are gone, gone forever never to be heard, seen or touched. Father, you are gone too soon. But why? Father, you are gone. I see thee still. I can’t hold back these tears; I will cry a river Where did you go wrong? To deserve such a terrible death Ambushed you were and then savagely slaughtered; throat cut. A brave warrior you were, yet again loyal to your kingdom and honest in thy dealings, A coward I was, I had to be from thence. I should have helped you dad, but I just ran. Maybe I should have called for help. But I didn’t. I should have protected you the way you have always done. I am angry with myself. My God, did you watch and not send help from above? Revenge, dad you told me to take revenge? But against who? For I know not the enemy. Now I can joineth the dots… After King Duncan announced that Malcolm would be his heir and not Macbeth, my father was afraid that Macbeth would do anything even if it were wicked to

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