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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Dotcom Case Study The case described clearly indicates that Dotcom is experiencing a number of challenges in the execution of its projects. More particularly, the company is not conducting appropriate scope management which is one of the key success factors in the implementation of any project. In order to eliminate some of the challenges that the company is currently facing, it is appropriate to first increase the thoroughness with which it handles the project planning stage (Khan 1). It is clear that the planning phase is not being executed properly since the company’s project managers rush to discuss solutions and product features without initially conducting a thorough evaluation of the processes and operations conducted by the client. Additionally, if the company’s project managers observe that the clients do not possess sufficient information about what they want, they should be proactive and conduct an appraisal that will facilitate a comprehensive identification of the items to be included in the project scope. Some of the problems that the company is currently going through can be attributed to its consulting clients. It was mentioned that most of the company’s clients are not tech savvies. Therefore, it is difficult for them to clearly identify the features and functions that they want Dotcom to integrate into the software packages that it prepares for them. This lack of knowledge causes them to understate or overstate the items that are included in the project scope. An overstated or understated scope negatively affects the success rate of the project implementation process (Khan 4). If the client omits some

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