Doing gender

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The Concept of “Doing in Gender” Name University Affiliation Date Abstract This paper elaborates on the understanding of doing in gender in every day’s interaction. For clarity, the article looks at an example of an advertisement image that portrays the concept of doing gender in our society. The argument is that the idea sets a difference between men and women by setting gender differences between the two sexes. There are specific gender roles that women are supposed to conform to, and so are the men. The nature of advertisement images that company uses influences how the community continues to view gender differences. Some advertising company relentlessly support gender stereotypes by revealing men as more superior than women. For instance, the "Little Scholar" and "Social Butterfly" advert by US Clothing Company puts the boys on the front in comparison to the girls. Doing in Gender concept creates gender differences regarding roles and societal expectations of each sex. Also, the paper looks at how the attached image on US Retail Clothing Gap advert portrays women. Doing Gender The concept of doing gender inclines individuals into behaving according to the societal social constructs and expectations. Gender Doing creates notable differences between male and females (Kelan, 2017). The society has established certain norms and expects one to behave as per their gender failure to which one appears to be deviating from their sex categories as defined by the society. The following image is an example of doing gender portraying women. The US Clothing Retail Gap Ad Image In the image, the boy is shown as wanting to grow up to become a scholar like

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