Does violent games cause behavior problems?

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Abstract The modifications created by technology have revolutionized the entertainment industry. Video gaming is one of the aspects that has undergone tremendous advancements to meet the changing client needs and attract additional users. Currently, the games range from simple activities, for example, football matches to complex games that entail violent contents. The rise of the latter is the principal concern because some people argue that such games promote aggressive behavior amongst the users. The point of contention is that these games expose kids to a falsehood life involving the use of weapons. As a result, youths embrace similar acts and try to emulate the actions in the real life circumstance. However, other fractions are of the opinion that violent personality is inborn. Mostly, people having this view indicate that personality is a reflection of the social standards regarding good acts and evil. Therefore, violent video games have minimal contribution to the development of character. The paper sought to identify the main viewpoints and to support a broad conclusion regarding the violent video games and human cognitive growth. Do violent games cause behavior problems? Advancements in technology particularly video gaming is an extensively debate concern. Just like other recreational activities, the intent of video gaming is to improve livelihood aspects of people by providing a means for recreation. However, the rise of social and psychological disturbances amongst the youth, for instance, aggression has prompted fierce criticisms of the game content (Fritz 11). Both fractions namely the proponents

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