Does media violence cause aggression.

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Media Violence and Actual Aggression Student’s Name Institution Date Introduction Despite the fact that violence is not a new thing to the human population, its increase in the contemporary society is alarming. With easy access to explosives and firearms, the extent of effectiveness in aggressive behavior has been a problem and has had severe consequences. More evidently, the recent shootings and increased cases of violence in schools in America are an indication of the increase in violent activities in our society and this has come during the era of technology, particularly the media. Initially, the causes of violent behaviors in the youth included substance abuse, family psychopathology and exposure to community and family violence together with poverty. However, recent pieces of literature have found that the exposure to media content has had a great bearing in the increased violent behaviors in our society. While it is difficult to establish which group of people is at a higher risk of being influenced by the violence in the media, there seems to be solid evidence to support the correlation between the media violent content and the aggressive behavior seen not only among the youth in our society but also the adults. As such, this paper shall review the impact of televised or media violence on our society by reviewing the correlation between the media violence and the aggressive behaviors seen in our society. The paper shall focus on reviewing the existing literature on this topic to support the argument that there is a correlation between the media violent content and the aggressive behavior seen among the members of our society. Literature Review

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