Does exercising make people happier?

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Does exercising make people happier? In this research study, the randomized experiment has been selected to determine whether or not exercising makes people happier. The college play gymnasium has been selected as the preferred setting for conducting the survey. The number of subjects in the survey will be fifty. Besides, the data collection will be performed on two different groups of subjects. The control group that comprised of the 25 subjects that do not perform exercise regularly and the treatment group that comprises of 25 subjects that perform exercise regularly. The recruitment of the participants will be randomly but on a voluntary basis. During the data collection, happiness levels will be determined just before the commencement of the exercise and at the stop of exercise for the treatment group of the subjects. The same will also be conducted for the control group. In this case, the experiment will be conducted between the subjects design (Remler & Van Ryzin, 2015). Does an e-reader make people read more? Just like the first case, the randomized experiment will be used to assess whether an e-reader makes people read more or not. In this case, the college library will be used as the survey setting. The number of participants for this survey will be thirty. Moreover, the recruitment of the participants will be on a voluntary basis but selected randomly. Fifteen of the subjects will be a subject group that is not e-readers and the other fifteen are the treatment group that is active e-readers. The survey will be conducted for a period of five hours. Then the subject will independently be asked whether e-reading makes them read more or not as a way of

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