Does being in a Relationship affect your interaction with the opposite sex?

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Effects of Relationships on Opposite-Sex Interaction Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Effects of Relationships on Opposite-Sex Interaction Literature Review According to Guerrero and Andersen (1996), people in relationships have expressed jealousy among themselves. It is mainly caused by the uncertainty of what may happen. Jealous has occurred where individual fear other people being given more attention that the partner who is in the relationship. For instance, a potential rival may make an individual in a relationship to worry his or her fate with the partner. Too much attention to an individual of opposite sex may make a partner feel that the spouse may not be faithful since he or she could easily give a chance to the person give attention. The increasing rate of jealousy may make an individual opt to leave a certain relationship with the fear that he or she may be left by the partner. However, when an individual in a relationship realizes that the partner is not comfortable with the interaction with the opposite sex, he or she may reduce the interaction. For instance, if a girl notices that his boyfriend is not happy with the friendship of other males, the lady may reduce the interaction. Therefore, it is important for the individuals to note the jealous of their partners and hence reduce the interaction of the opposite sex. The study by Guerrero and Andersen aimed at discovering the extent of the uncertainty that may exist in the relationships. The test may check whether it could be positive, negative or neutral in the relationship. Friends and romantic partners are likely to experience uncertainty in the relationships since they are connected, and

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