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DOCUMENT ANALYSIS OF HITLER SPEECH Name Course Date On September 3, 1933, Adolf Hitler delivered a speech on culture. It came barely eight months after he had been called to the chancellorship by President Hindenburg to head a coalition government. This was a political deal made after the previous election which Hitler won 30% of the votes, forcing his opponent to a runoff. In this speech, he made it clear to the German artists that the nation was in need of their artistic help at that time when there was a real crisis, both economic and political, in the country. Lack of the audience's reactions is a weakness encountered while analyzing this speech, but on examining various secondary sources, it can be acknowledged that this speech is a very resourceful primary source. Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau, an Austrian town, on 20th of April, 1889. His family later moved to Germany. At the age of about 10, Hitler started realizing his talent as an artist; this is an important point to note because his entire speech revolved around art and culture. He was a talented painter, and his passion for the art even made him prefer painting over studies. He even stated in his speech that art and a man are two inseparable things. Although he obeyed his father's demands to join Realschule, he did not perform quite well. Hitler's message was about the German culture and its importance. Significant events related to the theme took place in 1933 which give the importance to this speech. At the beginning of the year, the German doctors were allowed to perform forced sterilization. This made it impossible for the victims to have children. The German scientists, who supported

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