Diversity in the workplace

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Diversity in the Workplace Student’s Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Introduction Diversity is defined as the similarities and differences among the people within an organization. This could be regarding age, cultural background, race, religious beliefs, gender, and sexual orientation. People are different not only on what can be seen but also in their perspective of themselves as well as that of others. Diversity creates a heterogeneous workplace. Instead of a globalized economy, organizations have adopted workplace diversity to become more creative and open to change. Diversity in the organizations has become an area of interest, due to the acknowledgment of how the workplace is continually evolving. However, managing diversity has been a challenge in many organizations, and thus managers have shown interest in understanding multicultural working surrounding, which not only helps the leaders but also helps in preparation of teaching other members in organizations to embrace diversity and to treat other people with respect. Diversity has been a significant challenge for some business leaders, and it brings issues into the organization. Nonetheless, diversity does not recognize the organization boundary and therefore cannot be limited. Background The 21st Century has experienced the fundamental shift in the global economy. Most of the organizations are pursuing the concept of globalization. The shift could be attributed to cross-border businesses and shortened distances due to the developments of logistics and telecommunications technologies. In such a globalized world, multinational companies have employees from diverse backgrounds and with various

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