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Affirmative Action Name Institution Affiliation Affirmative Action Affirmative action insinuates active efforts towards implementing policies that enable equality in employment opportunities to all individuals of the society. Nationality, religion, sex, and caste are the critical components considered when actualizing affirmative action. The ultimate goal of this is to remove preconceived opinions against recruiting or offering opportunities and promoting the perceived less fortunate members of the society as well as those who are under-represented. Affirmative action aims typically at making up for historical injustices or continual oppression of either racism or sexism and other circumstances that cause other groups to be disadvantaged such as the disabled (Arcidiacono, Lovenheim, and Zhu, 2015). Affirmative action has however been a cause for contentions and heated endless arguments. There exist various ideologies and divisions of opinions on the same. The most talked of defense in favor of affirmative action in public colleges and universities is on the issue of diversity and inclusivity. The point of discussion has always been that there should be diverse people of race, color, sex, nationality and social class and not what affirmative action seems to advocate. In employment and recruiting in the USA, there is the promotion of the black minority candidates for hiring even at times at the expense of the white candidates. Such has led to high profile cases such as Regents of the University of California versus Allan Bakke. As a result of this, the minority have in recent times been unfairly denied educational and employment opportunities (Kay, 2018). The

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