Discussion: Trying Out CBT and SFT Strategies

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Trying Out CBT and SFT Strategies Name Institution Cognitive behavior therapy examines the effects the thoughts have on the behavior, moods, and actions of a person. Josh seems to be having negative thoughts where feels that the classmates hate him and they exclude him when doing things. Using Cognitive Behavior therapy, first, I will let Josh understand that they are thoughts that influence how we feel, act and behave. Thus his behavior and feeling are out of negative thoughts he has. I will teach Josh on how to differentiate the negative thought from the right thoughts and develop the skills of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones to feel appropriately (Hirshfeld-Becker et al., 2008). I will let him feel that he is just like other pupils and they would like him to accompany them and work with them. Let him feel that they have all gone to learn and the school does not discriminate pupils. On the other hand, the solution-focused therapy pays much attention to the solutions rather than the problems the patients are facing. The main intention is for the patient to work towards achieving the goals he or she has. First, Josh wants to get along with other pupils well. So the first session will be problem free talk with Josh to engage with him and understand the person he is, the hobbies, interests and the strength (Gingerich, & Wabeke, 2001). Then I will ask Josh to state the goals he wants to achieve, his problem then help him to frame the goals. Josh’s best goal can be “I want to have as many friends as possible to play with at school and home.” Then I will let Josh tell me what are the best hopes for life in future including the life he would

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