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Alternative Work Scheduling Options Name Institution Affiliation Alternative Work Scheduling Options Given the various alternative work scheduling options today, I would prefer to follow a flexible work schedule. Typically, the nature of flexible schedules makes them less rigid as compared to some of the other varieties. Moreover, such an option entails the involvement of both employers and employees, which means I could contribute in determining the preferable hours and days of the week (Spreitzer, 2017). Even so, the employer’s policy plays a major role in the schedule as a way of maintaining order and organization. For instance, I could be expected to report to work for a minimum number of hours. However, even with these protocols and direction, such a schedule can allow employees to work in shifts, organized among themselves, as long as they meet the demands of the employer (Spreitzer, 2017). Assertively, the options provided by a flexible work schedule, such as time variations, make it preferable from the other options. I think the idea of working from an alternative such as home is exciting and has multiple advantages. First, the idea depicts the employer has increased confidence in their employees when they let them work from an alternate site. As a result, employees also become self-confident and motivated to be more productive. Second, working from an alternative site such as home is environmentally friendly given the quieter atmosphere and fewer distractions. Still, it eliminates long commute and hassles from traffic. Third, I think it would mean more time with family meaning a work-home balance. Finally, the alternative site factor would be a

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