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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Conditions Creating the Need for Healthcare Reform” of Health Care Ethics. Currently, the state of healthcare is unstable because there is a lot of economic stress leading to its condition. The cost of healthcare is rising, a majority of the people are living longer. The question that arises from such as a situation is, how will the health sector accommodate the growing population with inadequate resources? (pg., 368) This question has led to the government formulating health reforms which are meant to create changes within the American health care system to ensure that all citizens get affordable healthcare. However, there are reforms which require more attention than the others. Affordable and equitable distribution of health services to every citizen needs more reforms. Having regional variation when distributing health care services leads to inappropriate spending and overuse of medical services that may be useful to help eradicate sickness in some in some areas. The government will continue spending billions of money when it comes to inequality in distributing health services. Some areas in the USA, people are impoverished that they can’t afford certain medical care (pg., 369). If the government revisits its reforms on equitable distribution of health care services, there will be a reduction of cases where patients are seeking alternative medical treatment thus putting their lives at risks. Additionally, when there is an equitable distribution of health services, the possibility of the cost of healthcare reducing is very high. While addressing the issue of fair and affordable healthcare services,

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