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Discussion Student’s Name Institution Discussion A failure to replicate a study has emerged as a notable current issue in modern psychology. When a large number of studies in psychology were re-done, two-thirds of them did not produce the results they were claimed to in the initial research CITATION Ved15 l 1033 (Vedantam, 2015). As critical the issue might sound, this is not that big of a problem. That is so because when a study is conducted, many internal and external factors are taken into consideration. While some of these factors are temporary, others can be permanent as well. Later on, when the study is replicated in the future, it is possible that the permanent factors remained the same but temporary ones got turned upside down. With that under consideration, it is not rational to expect that all types of studies will replicate in all circumstances. For studies conducted in other areas where data stays the same, e.g., economics, same results can be expected. However, for a subject like psychology, since sensitive human information is involved, things can never be expected to stay the same. Although this does not doubt the authenticity of previous studies to a major extent, there is a possibility that the academic and practical strength of these research papers is put to a test. Taking the case of external validity as an example, while a study is credible in an internal and controlled environment, it cannot be generalized to external environments where multiple factors are outside of the researcher’s grasp CITATION Gil151 l 1033 (Gilbert, King, Pettigrew, & Wilson, 2015). This makes the results of the research borderline false. That is because

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