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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date How has New Media Changed Consumer Behavior? In the recent times, there is a notable change in consumer behavior because of the increased use of various methods of marketing. Social media marketing is on the rise, and many people are concentrating much on social media. Any company that wants to do business well has to step up and ensure that they capture the attention of the large customer base online (Ashley, and Tuten 16). Social media has provided a better avenue for all consumers to research at the same time buy products online. Considerably, new media has led to an increased shift of consumers from offline channels to online platforms because of the convenience involved. In the next ten years, social media will be the biggest advertising agency where customers will access products at the same time get the necessary information. New media has increased customer loyalty to specific brands. Trust will grow among customers because communication is more reliable and can be done directly to brand representatives. Equally, customers have been able to research products that they are yet to purchase or even using. Besides loyalty and research, consumers have an advantage of advertising in the sense that those who have used the product or service can easily recommend others. This creates more confidence in the consumer's trust hence increasing the customer base for the company. With the new media and advanced technological changes in the marketing world, there are alternatives to television advertising including YouTube videos, Facebook which can post videos, Twitter and Instagram. All these platforms provide an avenue

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