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Name Course Tutor Date Discussion Board List of brands Bottled water Dasani, Poland Spring Yogurt Chobani Greek yogurt, Stonyfield organic Greek Soup Campbell’s, Dinty Moore Mattresses Saatva, Casper Crayons American crayon, Crayola Electric razors Remington, Panasonic Ballpoint pens Aston leather, Field notes Computer manufacturers Microsoft, HP Toilet paper Cottonelle, Angel Soft Chicken Foster farms, Broaster The chosen brands can be regarded as the best brands in their respective categories and are easily accessible to the consumers. The labels are easy to remember since one come across them in various shopping destinations such as Walmart. Items such as Foster farms and Remington razors can be found in most retail outlets ensuring one can access them easily. The items are also affordable and can be purchased by the low-income earners. This has ensured they are easy to remember. The fact that they are essential goods used in everyday life ensures consumers interact with the products intimately and can easily remember them. For example, each home in America uses a mattress, and as such, it would be effortless to remember such brands. The awareness may also be informed by continuous advertisements running on various media platforms. This ensures the consumers can commit the products to memory. The recall may have been influenced by the position held by the products on product lifecycle. Items introduced in the market need to go through introduction, growth, maturity, and decline (Levitt N.p). Consumers are likely to identify more with products within the growth and maturity sections. The products have been on the market for a more extended period,

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