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The Krista Case Name Institution Professor Course Date Question 1 Triiodothyronine and Thyroxine, T3 and T4 respectively, are the hormones normally produced by the thyroid gland. Generally, these hormones increase the body metabolic rate which as a result leads to a rise in body temperature (Garcia-Reyero, 2017). In order to sustain this, more oxygen is required resulting in increased heart rate. The growth of muscles, bones, connective tissues and growth of the nervous system also requires thyroid hormone. Question 2 An overactive thyroid causes the metabolic rate to rise above normal. This causes a rise in body temperature, hence the sweating and increase in heart rate. Since her calorie intake doesn’t increase, it results in weight loss. The increased metabolism requires more oxygen hence the increased heart rate. Question 3 Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, TSH, stimulates the thyroid gland to discharge its hormones, but it’s not produced by the thyroid. It is discharged by the anterior pituitary gland (Neuman et al., 2015). Question 4 TSH secretion is regulated by the anterior pituitary gland responding to hormone levels. If the hormone levels are low, the gland increases the TSH secretion. Hypothalamus helps to detect the levels of the hormone and if they are low it increases the secretion of a thyrotrophic-releasing hormone (TRH) which increases TSH secretion. High levels of the TSH hormone have the opposite effect. Question 5 The antibodies make the thyroid gland discharge thyroid hormone despite TSH being absent. Question 6 Her thyroid hormone level is elevated hence restraining TSH secretion. This results in low TSH. However, the antibodies

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