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Student’s name Professor’s name Class Date Moore’s Proof G.E. Moore, a prominent philosopher of the 19th century has discussed the existence of the external world in his works. He claimed that his proof of such phenomenon “satisfied three of the conditions necessary for a rigorous proof” (Moore 217). However, reading his arguments, one can state that no valuable proof has been provided. From my point of view, Moore’s argument is not justified. His comparison of hands and external world existence cannot be considered as relevant. Even though I cannot identify myself as a skeptic, I disagree with Moore’s claim. In his discussion, he has not provided any facts to prove his point of view. We cannot accept the existence of the external world as a universal truth as there is still no evidence of its existence. Moore failed to prove the external world existence as he has not provided any logical or relevant data. Moreover, the language of his article cannot be identified as scientific. The sentence structure and the lexicon are too simple. There are too many words and phrases that have no sense and look like being used to increase the word count or confuse the reader, instead of providing him/her with critical facts and knowledge. Works cited: Moore, G.E. Proof of an External World. Philosophical Papers. New York: Collier Books, 1962, pp. 144-148. (Retrieved from Hume, D. An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding, 2017, pp.

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